Honey, I’ve gone political

The ladies of Women Go Political had a vision: break down politics to one issue at a time and cover it in the most concise, straightforward manner possible so that busy women could get their arms around issues. It was a timely idea, but in its initial incarnation the site was difficult to maintain and limited in its flexibility to adapt to WGP’s plans for growth. Enter WordPress, and the simpler web!

I installed and configured WordPress, and WGP’s Brenda Bohanan and Beth Martinez moved every post from their existing site into WordPress. Each “Issue” post is broken down with a quick to grasp format: Issue – Impact – Empower. These content subsections are offered in a tabbed format that makes them easy to flip through. I used the Post/Page Tabs plugin for WordPress to enable Beth and Brenda to create the tabs when writing posts without having to get into code. I also installed an e-commerce solution that lets them easily sell their custom-designed “power” t-shirts, and created a WordPress theme to give the site the appropriate look and feel.

The theme design retains some of the elements of the previous site, which was designed by Phil Rowland, son of founder Beth Martinez. I used a softer version of Phil’s color palette and added more white space for clean, easy-on-the-eyes pages and a strong – yet feminine – look.