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Ott Gun Works Home

When Ott Gun Works opened its doors in January, 2010, the immediate need was to get the word out about the gunsmith service as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We designed, developed and wrote the copy for the site in less than a week from start to launch.

Several months after the site launched, we freshened the design and converted it to WordPress, enabling the owner to make changes to the site himself. The shop had received numerous positive reviews, and the owner needed an easy way to share them with prospective customers. We added a feature to most pages that displays a random review when the page is loaded. With this technique, visitors see several reviews if they browse the site, and all reviews are shown at some point. Adding to or deleting reviews is quick and easy.

Initially we expected only a small percentage of business as a result of the web site, as firearms owners tend to rely heavily on word of mouth when it comes to having their guns worked on. As it turned out, roughly half of new customers find and use the shop as a direct result of the web site. A quick review of gunsmith’s web sites reveals many that fall short of demonstrating the expertise most customers want in a gunsmith. The Ott Gun Works site not only looks good – it provides the expert information serious enthusiasts seek and first-hand reviews that all customers appreciate.