A better soap box

The Libertarian Party of Georgia had done a good job of blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, sending e-mail newsletters and in general publicizing events and issues that concerned Georgia libertarians. But the web site – which should have served as the organization’s public communication hub – looked dated and was difficult to manage and update.

The new site, built with WordPress, is easily updatable and simple to reconfigure to respond to changing needs or pressing issues. Designed in 2011, the site utilizes a custom child theme based on WordPress’s Twenty Eleven theme, and maintains a loose connection with the Party’s previous site.

To maximize development resources, Executive Director Brett Bittner and Operations Director Crystal Gross brought every blog post and all other needed content from the old site into WordPress. That tedious process won’t be necessary for a future redesign; a simple export will allow the content to be reused in any WordPress site.

Features of the new site include:

  • Latest blog posts on home page
  • A shop for selling t-shirts and other libertarian merchandise
  • An events calendar that allows expired events to roll off without having to be removed
  • An affiliates page with both a listing and a locations map
  • Forms that allow online membership signup, volunteer signup and contributions
  • MailChimp and PayPal integration