Good team

I’ve worked with the Goodrich team since 1998, before they were part of the Goodrich family. I’ve handled development of the HTML versions of most of their annual reports, first as part of the team at see see eye and now with Prescott Alexander.

I based the design of this microsite on the printed annual report, which was designed by my Prescott Alexander colleague Stephen Crary. The biggest challenge was in adapting the book’s strong vertical orientation for a horizontal web format. To achieve the goal, I significantly downsized images, but cropped them in tighter to ensure subjects were of sufficient size. On the Financial Highlights and Shareholder Information pages, I stacked layers of content and showed only the requested chart or data, saving readers from long, scrolling pages. And on the home page, I used the most important slivers of the large photos that appeared on the cover of the print version.

Done right, the web format makes even the lengthiest annual reports manageable and readable.