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Allen Buckley Law Home Page

When Vinings, Georgia based attorney and CPA Allen Buckley opened his own law firm, a friend helped him buy a domain and set up a basic, one-page site. As a veteran of such venerable firms as Troutman Sanders LLP and Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Buckley knew professionalism to be a key component of building a successful practice. He contacted me for assistance in taking the content from his initial site and shaping it into something that would convey the experience and expertise with which he approached his practice.

Much of the content was already contained in the initial web site, and simply needed some solid division and organization to be more readable. Buckley is a prolific writer, yet almost none of his work was accessible via his site and most exists only in PDF form. Creating the new site with WordPress didn’t magically transform all of the writing locked away in PDF format, but it did give him a vehicle to more easily write and distribute articles, posts and publications. And, he now has the option to convert old writing as he has time.

To stick to a “start-up” budget, I chose a premium theme template rather than developing a custom theme, and made only minor modifications to that template. The feature set includes a large highlight area at the top of the page that is automatically populated with the most recent posts as they’re published, and the small photos add interest without also adding an undue burden in the form of expensive photography.

Experience plus a good understanding of both client needs and WordPress are invaluable in selecting a theme that is a good fit, and it seems we hit the nail on the head with this one.