Teresa Rosche Ottthe simpler web is the home of Teresa Rosche Ott, website designer/developer and communications pro. I like helping small, local or rural businesses successfully navigate the often confusing web world. I design and build websites – usually those that include Content Management Systems (or CMS) like WordPress that empower people to manage their online image. I also analyze and provide reviews of web sites to guide their owners in making improvements. And, I sometimes help update or freshen sites built by others.

A B.S. in Communication plus more than a decade of experience working in a graphic communications firm means I take a broader, holistic view of your Web site. I’m not “just” a code monkey, though I do love coding. From the beginning and throughout the project, I approach your Web site with these primary ideas in mind: what it can communicate about you or your organization and how we can make it simpler for your clients or customers to do business with you.

I am adept at making sure even the least tech-savvy people understand what they need to about their project, and I can and do work with everyone from the average Joe to the CEO to local business owners.

For more information about my background and my approach to web development, please see the background page.