a little about me

Teresa Rosche Ott of the simpler webMy Mac is my pen. The Web is my paper. My subjects? Anything people should care about. That’s my story. What about yours?

Every website tells a story

Every day most of us forge through countless pleas for a moment (or more) of our attention. We make snap judgments to weed out people or companies who don’t at the moment seem relevant to us. Like the girl or guy with a brilliant mind but awkward social skills, a difficult to use or unappealing website tends to make us decide to keep on walking – especially if we can easily find elsewhere what we’re seeking. That the website was the only unimpressive part of a business’s outreach matters little if it’s our first and last contact.

With my help, your site will tell the right one

I’ve developed websites professionally since 1998, for a wide range of companies and people. I became enamored of the Web while in college, when it was in its infancy. While I studied writing, rhetoric, persuasion, media law and other communication-related subjects, it became clear to me that the Web was the medium I’d use to employ those skills.

I’ve written and worked on many advertising, naming, branding, investor relations and message development projects independent of my web development expertise. This means that, when we work together, I will ask you for the contents of your brain (as related to our project), sift through it all, organize it and pull out the parts that best make your case with people who are important to you. People who should find you incredibly attractive. And appreciate your brilliance, of course.

Should we work together?

I have pages filled with details and example you can use to better gauge whether we ought team up. Like what you read and see, and need a hand with an upcoming project? Awesome – please get in touch.