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The Bagel Meister Douglasville - Home Page

Who’s your (web)meister?

The Bagel Meister has been a favorite eatery in our household since about five minutes after they opened. My husband even made me a de facto marriage proposal there, but that's a … More

Douglasville Therapeutic Massage - Home Page

Design therapy

(or, How I worked over my local massage therapist) The previous Douglasville Therapeutic Massage web site worked - mostly. It was created in 2008 by an office admin using a site … More

High Cotton Wine & Cheese Co. Website

Walkin’ in High Cotton today

The wine, cheese, charcuterie, dessert & coffee (OMG could it get any better?) shop is open, the website is live, we just wrapped a Google Hangout for the first half of … More

Charmaine's Home Page

Love their style

The phrase "time is money" is a common mantra of business owners - particularly those who own small local businesses. It's often a challenge to be certain you're investing in the … More

Douglas County Georgia Sunday Sales Website

Just say YES

"YES for Douglas County" was a successful grassroots ballot question campaign aimed at putting Douglas County, Georgia on a level playing field with surrounding communities with … More

Working with me

Fitzpatrick & Lewis

“We’re fans!”

I've worked on a few small- and medium-budget projects with the Fitzpatrick & Lewis folks over the years. As a public relations firm they are concerned first with the message … More

Lotus icon for Charmaine's case study

“She listens with empathy”

I have a confession to make: I don't know it all. Not even close. Not about web development or about your business. What I do know are high-level objectives your site should meet. … More

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Decipher Design-Speak

You don't have to talk like a designer, but understanding a little basic jargon comes in handy. Pagemodo's nifty infographic fills the bill for web design and many other situations … More

Inexperience is no excuse for being a jerk

Some of the people who are interested enough to visit your website and read your blog will also care about what you're selling, some of the time. Yep - even if a reader is … More