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The Bagel Meister Douglasville - Home Page

Who’s your (web)meister?

The Bagel Meister has been a favorite eatery in our household since about five minutes after they opened. My husband even made me a de facto marriage proposal there, but that's a … More

Douglasville Therapeutic Massage - Home Page

Design therapy

(or, How I worked over my local massage therapist) The previous Douglasville Therapeutic Massage web site worked - mostly. It was created in 2008 by an office admin using a site … More

High Cotton Wine & Cheese Co. Website

Walkin’ in High Cotton today

The wine, cheese, charcuterie, dessert & coffee (OMG could it get any better?) shop is open, the website is live, we just wrapped a Google Hangout for the first half of … More

Charmaine's Home Page

Love their style

The phrase "time is money" is a common mantra of business owners - particularly those who own small local businesses. It's often a challenge to be certain you're investing in the … More

Douglas County Georgia Sunday Sales Website

Just say YES

"YES for Douglas County" was a successful grassroots ballot question campaign aimed at putting Douglas County, Georgia on a level playing field with surrounding communities with … More

Ott Gun Works Home

All in the family

When Ott Gun Works opened its doors in January, 2010, the immediate need was to get the word out about the gunsmith service as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We … More

Working with me

Fitzpatrick & Lewis

“We’re fans!”

I've worked on a few small- and medium-budget projects with the Fitzpatrick & Lewis folks over the years. As a public relations firm they are concerned first with the message … More

Lotus icon for Charmaine's case study

“She listens with empathy”

I have a confession to make: I don't know it all. Not even close. Not about web development or about your business. What I do know are high-level objectives your site should meet. … More

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Inexperience is no excuse for being a jerk

Some of the people who are interested enough to visit your website and read your blog will also care about what you're selling, some of the time. Yep - even if a reader is … More